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Booklet marketing has proven to be an effective advertising technique. Booklets allow you to deliver eye-catching, useful, targeted information to your customers in a way that professionally brands your company and generates sales. Booklet can be used for product manuals, inserts, quickstart guides and employee handouts.

Choose The Size of Your Booklet: - We can produce your custom booklets in any size.
Our most popular sizes are

  • 5 ½'' x 8 ½''
  • 8 ½'' x 11''
Choose How You Want Your Booklet Bound:

  • Saddle Stitch
  • Perfect Binding
  • Coil binding

Check out our blog post on book binding to learn more about our most popular binding options

Choose Colour or Black and White: You decide how you want your booklet to look. Whether you want the entire thing in full colour or just a few select pages, we can create the booklet you want.

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